Fly up under your help
Posted on December 16th, 2009 at 1:47 pm by wing

Dec.2nd, company joins the project fly up under your help, this project is organized by Chinese Communist Youth League, Ningbo branch, and Ningbo Daily, WinGlobal begins to aid 5 poor students financially to finalize their education.

As per the report from Finance Department,  a certain amount has already remitted to Red Cross,Ningbo. A detailed document, including the information for these 5 students, will be issued by Chinese Communist Youth Leasue, Ningbo branch within a month.

Wing will bring you more details once available.

PS:Fly Up Under Your Help project

This project is organzied by Chinese Communist Youth League, Ningbo branch, and Ningbo Daily.  The purpose of this project is to financially aid those students based on limited low income families, by inviting the help from all classes citizens and enterprises. The donated money will be remitted through Red Cross, Ningbo branch. And, the donator will be kept updated with the detailed legal information, such as whom is donated, and whom is under help.

Project hotline: +86 574 87816682

Bank swift for Red Cross, Ningbo: 3901110429200005222

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